Never Stop Pressing Forward Your Dream

  • Sumo

The other day I was watching President Trump’s speech at the “American Made Jobs” Rally in Ohio. One of the stories in his speech caught my attention and I thought it was a great lesson to be learned. We hear a lot of vitriol by people from both sides of the political spectrum in recent months since President Trump sworn in the office as the President of the United States. He has been vilified in the press and treated by some in an abusively disparaging way. No matter how good his speech is, his message is easily dismissed or ignored by them. Even though, the story he told in his speech was a valuable lesson to all; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, etc.

Despite hateful rhetoric by some, one thing we can agree on about Trump is that he is a flamboyant and atypical president we ever had. However, no one can take a way his success and achievement as a businessman, a successful real estate developer, and an accomplished television personality. Many people voted for him as a president hoping that he uses his business acumen and experience to turn this country around.

For going back to the story in his speech, President Trump has a friend who built a very successful business and he made a lot of money. After a few years, he decided to sell his business and to travel around the world. So he bought a boat and traveled around the world as he wished for 6-7 years. After a while, he got bored and misses his business. One day, he found out that his old business he sold to someone else was back in the market. He bought it back but his business was failed.

A few years later, President Trump ran into his friend and found out that his friend’s failure was ‘the loss of his momentum.’ When he started his business he was focused on the challenge and had the dedication to his business but for the second time around, he lost his momentum.

President Trump’s message was ‘Do Not Stop! If you love what you do, it is not a work.’ If you have the momentum, keep going. NEVER STOP!’

We all can take away from the story is that ‘keep pressing your dream and never stop if you like what you do’. Building an online business takes a change of one’s mindset. It requires hard work and persistence. My journey with the Partnership to Success to start a business online is no different.

When you start a business and see the progress, then keep on pressing. If you find something that you love, it is no longer a work. There are many successful online businesses, people started as a hobby instead of a business but the success followed them. What is their secret to success? It’s simple. They enjoy doing it and it is their passion.

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