How To Make A Video For YouTube Marketing

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YouTube is one of the fastest growing social media networking websites. It is the number one video-sharing site with a billion users. These videos are not only for entertainment but they are also for how to information. If you are a blogger or an online marketer, this is the perfect place where you can take full advantage of video marketing. And YouTube provides the platform for anyone can upload a video and create one. In addition, YouTube hosts it for you.

Video marketing has an enormous advantage over other forms of marketing. it’s more engaging with the audience and more persuasive on a personal level. You can create a video by using music, video, animation, and voice over any content or pictures. There is no limit on your creativity for making a video. But how do you start a YouTube for your advertisement for your own product or service?

Here are some tips for how to make a Video for your YouTube ad without a camera. You can use Microsoft Movie Maker or YouTube’s own editor.

  • Create a slideshow with a voice-over using PowerPoint
  • Create an animation video with Easy Sketch Pro
  • Create a video by using existing royalty-free music and video on YouTube
  • Use business photos or background images with a music or voice-over.

If you are not camera shy, you can be yourself on camera and explain your product or service. It is a good way to persuade your customers how and why your product or service will benefit them.  Here are some tips for making a self-video for your YouTube ad.

  • Dress appropriately;  dress smart or professionally
  • Use a high-quality camera
  • Use white background with a good lighting
  • Use a quality microphone
  • Edit your video by avoiding long pauses
  • Choose a right music for your video
  • Add your logo for branding

Making a quality YouTube video ad is one thing but getting an exposure is another. You can do the following in order to attract an audience.

  • Add a description for your YouTube channel optimization
  • Link to your other social media accounts
  • Add your YouTube channel to your website
  • Add keywords for what people are searching
  • Add a title, and texts in the description to your video
  • Run promotions with other YouTube marketers
  • Advertise on YouTube

A quality and interesting video will enhance your YouTube ad’s exposure. Make your video ad stands out against other competitors. Want to find out more?  Get your FREE eBook for Complete Guide for How to Make a Video for YouTube Marketing.


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