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This is my week two journey with the Partnership to Success. Even though the step by step instructions are set up by weekly, I started one week later than the other members. Realizing that there are two weeks of training videos I need to start as soon as possible but I didn’t want to rush through the training.

Interestingly, once I finished the week one lesson, I was ready to start the week two. I was curious on the subject ‘Improving Blog Appearance’. I already installed WordPress from the week one training, added a page ‘about me’ and wrote a blog for the ‘welcome to my site’. So I was excited to see the progress in the transformation of my site and anxious to follow the next training.

Order OptimizePress

In order to improve blog appearance, the first thing I had to order Optimize Press. The OptimizePress can enhance the ways to create sales pages, landing pages, membership portals, complete launch funnels, and authority blog sites. I ordered it. It’s done, and the list checked.

Create Partnership to Success Folder

Creating the specific folder makes easier to organize the files related to the partnership to success. If there are any WordPress plugins that I need to install or download, they should be included in this folder.

Download OptimizePress Themes

It is known for an excellent Page-Builder for WordPress. Especially, it helps the online business sites to operate in many ways; building email lists, creating landing pages, sales pages, and easy to use membership area. I will find out more as I go through the training.

The next to do checklists are activate the theme, license my site, and set up the basic settings for my blog.

Add Blog Header

John Thornhill recommends the blog header be made by a professional.

Install WordPress Plugins

The plugins that I needed to install are the ShareBar, All in One SEO, JetPack, and Links Manager. There are a ton of plugins on the WordPress. I never knew which plugins to install and am happy to have the instruction for plugins I need.

Add About Me Page

This is the page that represents who I am.

Followed by Add other pages I have created to the menu.

The week two step by step checklist ended by a recommendation to read the Bloggers Roadmap eBook.

Keep following my progress on my journey with the Partnership to Success. Stay tuned for my Week 3 step by step checklist.

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