How to build a Mailing List

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How to build a mailing list?

An online guru once said, “The money is in the list.” The purpose of the email list is for marketing.  And online business success depends on the list. My lesson for the Week three step by step checklist is for setting up for a mailing list for my blog site. For being an affiliate and a small online business owner, having a mailing list is critical and will help me market products and services. I am so excited to jump into the step by step training from the scratch.

Email marketing is considered one of the best form of communication with our subscribers in online marketing. It is even more valuable than social media if you have a good list of subscribers.

Register for an Email Marketing Service

There are many email marketing platforms such as Aweber, VerticalResponse, MailChimp, and Get Response, etc. I’ve used MailChimp and Get Response before but John recommends Aweber for our training. I registered Aweber for the purpose of the step by step checklist.

Create a name of the first mailing list

It followed by creating a name of my first mailing list which I can Identify easily with my blog. As my email marketing grows, I need to organize my email list. Therefore, creating a name of the mailing list according to the specific campaign is very important.

Set up the confirmation message 

Setting up confirmation message in my Aweber account. The subscribers will receive this message when they sign up to my list.

Set up a follow-up email message

This message is for follow-up on the confirmation message in my Aweber account which the subscribers will receive at a set time and date after they subscribe to my list.

Create a Sign Up form

Creating the form for subscribers to sign up through my blog is the first step. Some people offer a prize or giveaway in order to lure visitors to their website and to collect new contact information.

Connect OptimizePress to Aweber

The opt-in or sign up form to work seamlessly, John reminds us to be sure to test everything after connecting OptimizePress to Aweber.

Add an opt-in or sign up form to my blog

After creating the sign up form in my Aweber account, I added it to my blog. I am ready to start building a mailing list.

Have you followed these step by step instructions? Join me and stay tuned for next lesson.


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