My Journey With The Partnership to Success

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I’ve said from the beginning of my journey with the Partnership to Success in taking baby steps and to follow word to word instruction was not going to be easy for me. Surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying the process of the first-week step by step checklist. I found that it’s satisfying when I draw a check mark in front of each list after completing the task: Done and check. Done and check…

Step by Step Checklist for Starting a Blog

If you are already established online marketer, all these checklists find to be lame or boring because you’ve ‘been there and done that’.  I thought that too. Interestingly, the starting over from the beginning, my mind had been reprogramed when I decided to take this journey. I wanted to start as though I don’t have any knowledge of online marketing. As I am doing from the scratch, it seems clear to me that I have missed a lot of detail steps before on my own.

Find a domain to reflect who you are.

Umm, when my hosting company offered me a domain with my name on it for free, I refused to take it before.  It didn’t dawn on me at that time that I needed one.  I wasn’t comfortable to write about myself and would rather have a different domain. But it makes sense. There is nothing more unique and suitable than that.

Register the domain

There are many web hosting companies and I’ve been using eHost and iPage. However, John Thornhill recommended D9 Hosting Company. I took the recommendation since I committed myself following the instruction word to word.

Login into the Web Hosting cPanel

I had two small obstacles completing on this checklist: One for accessing my cPanel because I registered my domain with Godday and changed DNS Name Server to D9 hosting.  I had to wait for a day and couldn’t find it on my cPanel. Second, the look of my cPanel was different from the instruction video.

When you follow step by step instruction and you are doing it in real time, a small insignificant difference makes a panic. I did. I contacted D9 and to let them know that my cPanel is not the same as the instruction video. It took for two days to get an answer that it’s the same cPanel in a different format. My guess is that D9 never had anyone asking that odd question and couldn’t figure it out how to answer it.

Install the WordPress blog

It followed by prepare the blog for editing and update the settings of the blog. As I follow each step, I drew a check mark on the list. Check, check and check.

Write your first blog post

John suggested that it could be anything but many people write about starting the Partnership to Success program. Well, I couldn’t think of anything else at that moment but I needed to write something. So I started scribble about my journey about this program. It became apparent to me that why not keep a journal and might as well do it on my blog. Here I am.

Your blog can be anything. You can write a niche that makes you happy or something that is related to your interest or passionate about. The best thing is that you can make money writing a blog. You can use leverage in your blog posts.

One said, “If you like what you do for a living, it’s not a job. And if you are good at what you do, money will follow.”

Set up a personal email account

And, finally, read The Go Giver.

John Thornhill recommends this book highly. He learned a lot from the book and has read it several times. I ordered a book and am waiting.

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