Feeling Stuck?

  • Sumo

Every successful businessman and woman can tell you that they had a moment of feeling down during their process of getting to where they are. The degree of feeling down or disappointment of something can halt the progress. That’s what I felt from the last week of my journey with the Partnership to Success.

As I followed the training of the week, everything seems the way it supposed to be as usual. But it didn’t happen that way. One of the steps were; adding any social media buttons that I use and editing the size of my sidebar on my website. I chose four of the media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkin. They looked good and I moved on to the next one.

The step showed that I need to download .zip file and install the Widlink Widget. It was a special widget that supposed to display other members websites on my blog. Once I found out about it, I was excited and couldn’t wait to have it on my blog site. After everything was done, I checked the result on my site. What a disappointment! The blog list of the partnership network didn’t appear on the list. None of them showed.

My disappointment became greater because of my expectation was high and anticipation of the progress was in idle.  It was the week 5 of my lessons.  As soon as I found out that it wasn’t working, my inclination to find out any information what I did wrong. So I went to the Facebook of the partnership to success and sent out a message to the members. There was a reply from one of the members saying that I should ask the help to Alex. So I sent a private message to Alex but never got an answer. The second option was to send another message through the support site and I did. Unfortunately, there was no answer for a few days. The last attempt to get an answer, I sent a message to John Thornhill. Finally, I received an email back but it said that ‘It is not working with a new WordPress. Do not use it.’

Getting out of feeling stuck and disappointment was not easy when you do not have the choice of solving the problem. Particularly, you rely on the lessons from other people hoping everything will come out okay after finishing it.

My expectations of the partnership to success haven’t changed.  Anyone’s success is dependent upon one’s effort and so is mine. However, the support of the program can be improved and I hope so as I continue to the next.

As the lessons go into deeper, the quality of the support and the training will improve…

Stay tuned.

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